Charles Babbage's Difference Engine at the Science Museum, London.
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The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC)

Robin Milner (1934–2010), pioneer of automated theorem proving, programming language design, and concurrent systems, died on 20th March 2010.

This virtual museum includes an eclectic collection of World Wide Web (WWW) hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and online computer-based exhibits available both locally and around the world. It was founded on 1 June 1995, so is an example of an "old" virtual museum itself.

This museum opened on 1st June 1995. The museum receives about 200 visitors each day. Please contact Jonathan Bowen if you know of relevant online information not included here.

Older Mirror sites are available in Sweden and USA courtesy of ICOM, and also elsewhere.

Selected additions and events

See also other History of Computing conferences.

Local virtual exhibits

Items marked Star11t.gif are especially recommended.

If you would like to volunteer to be a virtual curator on some aspect of the history of computing, please get in touch, preferably with a URL for the "gallery" or online exhibit which you would like included.

The museum has no online shop as yet, but feel free to try some virtual shopping.

You may also be interested in a list of books on the history of computing, available for sale from Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford.

Corporate history and overviews

More online history from other computer companies not mentioned above would be especially welcome for inclusion.

History of computing organizations

See also:

General historical information

Online exhibits and information

The following are virtual museums or exhibitions:

Personal collections

Selected newsgroups

See also:

Computer simulators

See also:

The future

This section includes information on the future of computing and networking.


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