Bei den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin wurde das bestehende Intranet-Angebot durch das SMBwiki abgelöst. Die verwendete Software ist MediaWiki.

Questions & Answers[]

How is the SMBwiki structured?
We use different features of MediaWiki in order to structure the information.
  1. Categories for organizational units as well as topically
    • categories of Wikipedia and their hierarchy are adopted where appropriate
  2. Portals for specific topics
    • providing links to the most important pages
    • with sections for important news
  3. Navigation templates
What works better for the collaborations – do you use document libraries or direct editing on the page?
We use both possibilities. Multimedia files, PDF documents or other files can be uploaded into a second wiki, which is connected with the "Text"-Wiki like the Wikimedia Commons with Wikipedia.
Especially for important documents it is recommended to create a wiki page as well. This makes semantic linking easier to manage.
We recommend to provide textual information on the wiki pages. Thus this information is included in the wiki search, can be enhanced with links to other terms (pages) in the wiki, and can be updated more easily.

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