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This exhibit provides links to "home" pages or other resources on people, both alive and dead, who have made a significant impact on computing.

New Robin Milner (1934-2010), pioneer of automated theorem proving, programming language design, and concurrent systems, died on 20th March 2010.

Selected pioneers Edit

  • David Wheeler (1927-2004), inventor of the closed subroutine, died on 13 December 2004.
  • Edgar (Ted) Codd (1923-2003), inventor of the relational database model, died on 18 April 2003.
  • Roger Needham (1935-2003), Director of Microsoft Research Cambridge, died on 28 February 2003.

List of pioneers Edit

  1. Howard H. Aiken (Havard Mark I)
  2. Marc Andreessen (Netscape)
  3. John V. Atanasoff
  4. Boris A. Babaian (Russian supercomputers)
  5. Charles Babbage (Analytical Engine)
  6. Charles W. Bachman (databases)
  7. John Backus (BNF)
  8. Gordon Bell (Digital)
  9. Tim Berners-Lee (WWW)
  10. Fred Brooks
  11. Vannevar Bush
  12. David Caminer (LEO)
  13. Vinton Cerf (Internet)
  14. James Clark (Silicon Graphics and Netscape)
  15. Edgar F. Codd (databases)
  16. Seymour Cray (supercomputers)
  17. Ole-Johan Dahl (Simula)
  18. Donald Davies (packet switching)
  19. Edsger W. Dijkstra
  20. John Presper Eckert (see also here)
  21. Lawrence Ellison (Oracle)
  22. Douglas C. Engelbart (the mouse!)
  23. Andrei P. Ershov (theroretical programming)
  24. Edward A. Feigenbaum (AI)
  25. Tommy Flowers (Colossus engineer)
  26. Robert W. Floyd
  27. Thomas Fowler (ternary calculator)
  28. Bill Gates (see also interview and unofficial information)
  29. Kurt Gödel
  30. Richard W. Hamming
  31. Jacques Herbrand
  32. William R. Hewlett
  33. C. A. R. Hoare (CSP)
  34. Marcian E. Hoff Jr
  35. Herman Hollerith
  36. Grace M. Hopper (see also here)
  37. Harry D. Huskey (computer designer)
  38. Kenneth E. Iverson (APL)
  39. Steve Jobs (Apple and Next)
  40. Tom Kilburn (Manchester)
  41. Donald E. Knuth (TeX)
  42. Peter Landin New
  43. Sergei A. Lebedev (MESM computer, Ukraine)
  44. Augusta Ada Lovelace
  45. Carver Mead
  46. John McCarthy (AI)
  47. Benoit Mandelbrot
  48. John W. Mauchly
  49. Robin Milner (LCF, ML and CCS)
  50. Harlan Mills
  51. Marvin Minsky
  52. Charles E. Molnar
  53. Roger Needham New
  54. Nicholas Negroponte
  55. Ted Nelson (hypertext)
  56. Kristen Nygaard
  57. Ken Olsen
  58. David Packard
  59. David Parnas (software engineering)
  60. Blaise Pascal
  61. John Pinkerton (LEO)
  62. Jon Postel (Internet)
  63. Dennis M. Ritchie (Unix)
  64. P. Georg and Edvard Scheutz (Difference Engine, Sweden)
  65. Claude E. Shannon (information theory)
  66. Sir Clive Sinclair (personal computers)
  67. George R. Stibitz
  68. Christopher Strachey (denotational semantics)
  69. Ivan E. Sutherland (graphics)
  70. Ken Thompson (Unix)
  71. Michael Tomczyk (home computers)
  72. Linus Torvalds , Richard Stallman (GNU/Linux)
  73. Alan M. Turing (Colossus and code-breaking)
  74. John von Neumann (see also here)
  75. An Wang
  76. David Wheeler (closed subroutines)
  77. Maurice V. Wilkes (EDSAC, macros, microprogramming)
  78. J.H. Wilkinson (numerical analysis)
  79. Freddie C. Williams
  80. Niklaus Wirth
  81. Stephen Wolfram (Mathematica)
  82. Steve Wozniak (1996 Kilby Laureate, Apple)
  83. Konrad Zuse (see also here)

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