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Dot.gif Africa
Dot.gif Austria (also in German)
Dot.gif Canada (also in French)
Dot.gif Croatia (also in Croatian)
Dot.gif Germany (also in German, French & Italian)
Dot.gif Italy (see also selected list)
Dot.gif Japan (also in Japanese)
Dot.gif Korea
Dot.gif Hungary (also in Hungarian)
Dot.gif Latin America (parallel in English / Spanish)
Dot.gif Luxembourg
Dot.gif Poland (also in Polish)
Dot.gif Portugal (also in Portuguese)
Dot.gif Romania (also in Romanian)
Dot.gif Russia (also in Russian)
Dot.gif Spain (parallel in English / Spanish)
Dot.gif Sweden (parallel in English / Swedish)
Dot.gif Switzerland (also in French)
Dot.gif UK
Dot.gif USA
Dot.gif Rest of the world
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