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Criteria for speedy deletion

Please use the template Deletebecause on top of the page(s) you want to be deleted like this:

{{Deletebecause|Reason, why you want the page to be deleted. --~~~~}}

  1. The article or image has only one editor in the page history and the author wants the page to be deleted.
  2. The article or image has been proposed for speedy deletion and nobody objects within 7 days after the proposal.
  3. The article has nothing to do with the subject of the MuseumsWiki as mentioned in the Main Page, A Museums Wiki, or Content.

Linking to websites

  1. Links to wikis of museums should be linked from the section Online Communities on the main page. An additional article about the wiki in the MuseumsWiki is very welcome and should be listed on the referring article.
  2. Links to museum websites should be included in a separate article in the MuseumsWiki about the museum itself. However, the article can be quite short in the beginning.
  3. The inclusion of links without reference to the edit in the summary is considered Spam. Administrators will block users for such behavior.

Standard sections in articles

The following standard sections should be used in articles if applicable (see also: Standard appendices and descriptions in Wikipedia):

== See also ==

for links to related articles in the MuseumsWiki or interwiki links (e.g., to Wikipedia)

== References ==

for references using the <references /> tag

== Bibliography ==

for books and other sources (not online)

== External links ==

for links to websites and online sources

Changes of these standard sections have to be included in the template for new pages.

Articles in other languages should follow the referring language version of Wikipedia.

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