This page explains, how to find content in the MuseumsWiki, and which content is suitable for articles in the MuseumsWiki. If you think, a specific category should be mentioned as well, please feel free to edit this page.

This is a Wiki for museums in particular and cultural heritage in general. It concentrates on technological aspects, especially museum-related wikis, but it is not limited to these topics. In other words: the main task is collaboration of professionals about cultural heritage in due consideration of museums, and the community will define the specific focusing according to the needs of its participants.

If you are unsatisfied with the quantity or quality of an article, you can always add information from recognized sources to improve the value of information.


To find existing content in the MuseumsWiki you can use the following categories and special pages:


Content Example Remarks
Museum Amersham Museum typically in a form that is more detailed than suitable for inclusion in Wikipedia
Museum website Amersham Museum Wiki
Search engine Hispanalia with specific features for content about cultural heritage
Conference, conference organization EVA Conferences
Conference paper Bookmarking in Museums: Extending the museum experience beyond the visit?
Website Global Museum also about other institutions referring to cultural heritage (archives, libraries)
Portal MICHAEL (Portal) also about other institutions referring to cultural heritage (archives, libraries)
Artists Kasia Molga
Company Antenna Audio providing material or services for museums and other organizations referring to cultural heritage (archives, libraries)
Topic Accessibility 2.0
Museology Museum studies
Software MediaWiki
Project Open Context
Organization National Endowment for the Humanities

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