This is a Wiki for museums, set up by Jonathan Bowen on 22 August 2006. See Wikia information.

It is hoped that museum personnel and others with an interest in museums will participate in populating this wiki with museum-related material, perhaps more detailed than suitable for Wikipedia for example.

See the top-level categories as one possible starting point. Currently there is not much here, but it is planned to report the experiment at a conference once some material has been added.

As an initial experiment, see Amersham Museum. This is a very small museum and such museums are especially encouraged to use this facility at no cost.

For information on documenting museums on Wikipedia, see the paper Museums and Wikipedia at the 2006 Museums and the Web conference. It is recommended to create an entry for your museum on Wikipedia if it does not already exist and to add links between the information here, on Wikipedia and your own website. This is likely to improve your ranking on Google and other search engines, as well as helpful people to find information.

A one-page article on wikis in general and Wikipedia in particular appeared in the Times Higher Education Supplement on 21 July 2006, which may also be of interest.

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