New Media for museums are of vital importance for museums communication and marketing strategies. A lot of curators and museum staff has practical questions about this matter. In this MuseumsWiki we want to cover the subject. In fact we recently build a special web-site for curators and museum staff on new media.

MUSEUMMEDIA.NL is the online place for curators and museum staff looking for the most up-to-date information on new media for museums. - PARTICIPATION is vital for this social network. Please react, comment and join the museum media user-group and forum.

Welcome and thank you for visiting, covering new media for museums. This web-site is an initiative of Infofilm, a small company in the beautiful historical university town of Leiden in Holland. Ever since its foundation in 1983 Infofilms’ twin-brothers Robert and Roger Busschots are making films and audiovisuals for museums. In recent years they specialized in new media.

Short after they began twittering under the name of museummedia more than 500 museums and cultural institutions were following their tweets. is in fact an extension of their tweets. 140 Characters is not enough to communicate more thoroughly. New media are vital in the communication and marketing strategies of museums. A lot of curators and museum staff are eager to learn more about it. But it’s difficult to find to-the-point and useful information dedicated to museums. So we started

Our intention is that it will be a meeting place for specialists in the field and those interested in applications, new possibilities and know-how.

You as user can participate actively in this process. We invite you to

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