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MediaWiki for a Museum

and describes the additional configuration.

After copying into another Wiki the new name of the page can be found commented out in the sorce code:

<!-- [[{{ns:project}}:Configuration/More]] -->

Delete the lines above and below containing the following characters:

<nowiki><!-- --></nowiki>

Finally in the source code the line should be look like this:


Using this link the new page can be created and the whole source code should be copied and pasted there.

Customizing the chapter Additional configuration[edit | edit source]

Some of the specifications have to be customized for the additional configuration:

[OU ICT] (Organizational unit for information and communication technologies)

Formatting and square brackets (''[]'') have to be removed after the import of the source code into another Wiki to make the links work.

Additional configuration[edit | edit source]

The following configurations might be necessary additionally where appropriate:

No. Date Sort key Who Manual Purpose Test Notes
1 urgent content page Museums:Help cf. How to edit a page, Help:Editing (MetaWiki)
2 urgent content create pages according to the list of wanted pages (namespaces Help, Museums) cf. corresponding pages in Wikipedia to use as example (Help in Wikipedia): like in Wikipedia the namespace „Help“ should refer to the current use of Museums, whereas „Museums“ provides rules and Museums internals
3 urgent template reference to corresponding page in Wikipedia (namespace Help or Wikipedia) create link with Template:Wp, cf. template Wp and template WpDE in MuseumsWiki
4 urgent content customization of navigation Privacy policy, About Museums, Disclaimers, Bug reports, Copyrights; as well in Museumsmedia: Privacy policy, About Museumsmedia, Disclaimers, Bug reports, Copyrights
5 urgent category discussion: Main categories determination of the main categories
6 urgent guidelines and conventions Guidelines and conventions for the test run Museums and Museumsmedia
7 urgent guidelines and conventions specification of the [[[OU ICT]:Portal/Guidelines|Guidelines for the namespace [OU ICT]]]
8 MediaWiki: Copyrightwarning Interface, Copyrightwarning customization of user interface
9 skin wikiadmin How do I change the footer? customization of user interface
10 skin wikiadmin How can I edit / remove the Powered by MediaWiki image in the footer? customization of user interface
11 EditPage.php wikiadmin How can I force users to preview before they save?, Force preview customization of user interface
12 MediaWiki: Edittools wikiadmin How can you add a UTF-8 charset box on an Edit Page, Extension: CharInsert customization of user interface (help for editing) cf. Edittools in MuseumsWiki
13 MediaWiki: Summary wikiadmin Edit summary customization of user interface (help for editing) cf. Summary in MuseumsWiki
14 ImagePage.php medienwikiadmin display file history (versions) as table Question Image history table instead of list at MediaWiki Support desk
15 LocalSettings.php wikiadmin Semantic MediaWiki semantic extensions[1] cf. Semantic MediaWiki

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