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MediaWiki for a Museum

and describes the Installation.

After copying into another Wiki the new name of the page can be found commented out in the sorce code:

<!-- [[{{ns:project}}:Installation]] -->

Delete the lines above and below containing the following characters:

<nowiki><!-- --></nowiki>

Finally in the source code the line should be look like this:


Using this link the new page can be created and the whole source code should be copied and pasted there.

Customizing the chapter Installation[edit | edit source]

Some of the specifications have to be customized for the installation:

[local path]
[Name of the intranet directory]

Formatting and square brackets (''[]'') have to be removed after the import of the source code into another Wiki to make the links work.

Installation[edit | edit source]

The following data were documented during the installation of the Page|Museums]] and afterwards pasted in the page Museums:Installation.

  • Packet unpacked, Version 1.10.1
  • Directory (wiki) copied to /[local path]/http_files/[Name of the intranet directory]/docs/
  • Missing packets installed: php5-mysql, mysql-devel, php5-gd

Installation skript[edit | edit source]

  • Start of the installation script (Websetup)
  • Output: MediaWiki 1.10.1 Installation
    • Checking environment...
    • Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation problems.
      • PHP 5.1.2 installed
      • Found database drivers for: MySQL
      • PHP server API is apache2handler; ok, using pretty URLs (index.php/Page_Title)
      • Have XML / Latin1-UTF-8 conversion support.
      • Session save path (/var/lib/php5) appears to be valid.
      • PHP's memory_limit is 8M. Attempting to raise limit to 20M... ok.
      • Couldn't find Turck MMCache, eAccelerator, or APC. Object caching functions cannot be used.
      • Found GNU diff3: /usr/bin/diff3.
      • Couldn't find GD library or ImageMagick; image thumbnailing disabled.
      • Installation directory: /[local path]/http_files/[Name of the intranet directory]/docs/wiki
      • Script URI path: /wiki
      • Environment checked. You can install MediaWiki.

Site config[edit | edit source]

Part Parameter Value
Site config Installation directory /[local path]/http_files/[Name of the intranet directory]/docs/wiki
Site config Script URI path /wiki
Site config Wiki name Museums
Site config Contact e-mail wiki-admin@[Domain]
Site config Language de - Deutsch
Site config Copyright/license GNU Free Documentation License
Site config Admin username WikiSysop
Site config Password [*******]
Site config Shared memory caching No caching
E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup E-mail features (global) Enabled
E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup User-to-user e-mail Enabled
E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup E-mail notification about changes Enabled for changes to user discussion pages, and to pages on watchlists (not recommended for large wikis)
E-mail, e-mail notification and authentication setup E-mail address authentication Enabled
Database config Database type MySQL
Database config Database host localhost
Database config Database name wikidb
Database config DB username wikiuser
Database config DB password [***********]
Database config Superuser account yes
Database config Superuser name root
Database config Superuser password [***********]
Database config Database table prefix mw_
Database config Database charset Backwards-compatible UTF-8

Finish[edit | edit source]

  • File Localsettings.php copied from ~/wiki/config to ~/wiki, ~/wiki/config deleted
  • Test URL: http://testwiki.[Domain].de/wiki
  • Aliases added to file wiki.conf

Additional installations[edit | edit source]

Ploticus[edit | edit source]

see also Museums:Configuration/Setup No. 8

ImageMagick[edit | edit source]

see also Museums:Configuration/Setup No. 9

  • Vers. 6.3.5-8
  • Download
  • gunzip ImageMagick.tar.gz | tar xvf –
  • cd ImageMagic* | ./configure | make | make install
  • Test (/usr/local/bin/convert logo: logo.gif) failed
    • (error while loading shared li-braries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
    • Fix:
The following should solve the problem:
Edit your /etc/ and add the line:
Save the file, then run the command:

phpMyAdmin[edit | edit source]

see also Museums:Configuration/Setup No. 10

  • Download Vers. 2.11.0
  • gunzip | tar xvf
  • Directory copied to /[local path]/http_files/admin/phpMyAdmin
  • Rights changed, *.conf edited for apache2
  • copied to
  • Configuration via Web http://testwiki.[Domain].de/wiki/pma/scripts/setup.php
  • Php-Modules php5-mcrypt and php5-mbstring installed additionally
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