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This is an introduction.

== Heading ==

This is a sample text for a paragraph. 
To start a new paragraph you need an empty line in the edit window.

This is a sample text for a paragraph. 
To have this paragraph separated from the preceeding paragraph insert an empty line above in the edit window.

== Formatting ==

=== Bold and italics ===

If you want to have text in ''italics'' or '''bold''', only the number of '''''apostrophes''''' has to be correct.

=== Lists and indentations ===

Lists are easy.
* first bullet
* next bullet

Numbers are possible, too.
# first
# second

Indentations without numbers or bullets are simple.
: first level indentation
:: second level indentation
::: please don't distend ...

== Links ==

Links to the [[Main Page]] are easy. 
The link can have a different [[Main Page|look]]. 
These links with targets in the same Wiki are called '''internal links'''.

You can also link to other websites - like [ Google] - with
'''external links'''.

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